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Donate KRS: 0000540337
Donate KRS: 0000540337
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We help children
from orphanages.

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Pankracy Foundation helps children. We focus on children in need of support due to their life situations, with particular emphasis on those from orphanages and dysfunctional families throughout Poland. We invest in a child as an individual, support talents, care for health and broaden the horizons of children and adolescents, by financing extracurricular activities, tutoring, scholarships for academic performance or helping them to conduct therapy and enter adulthood.

We work closely with orphanages, Emergency Care, MOPS and MOPR.

Having several years of experience in working with children from institutions, we know that wise support should be carefully planned and tailored to a specific child.  

We invite you to cooperate and help wisely!

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Fundación Arriba Colombia

Yesterday was the Day of the Smile, and today we are smiling at the thought of a new project that we will be implementing in cooperation with the Arriba Colombia foundation operating in Colombia - "Up Colombia"! We will support the foundation in organizing workshops for children on handicrafts, ceramics and paintings. Thus, we support the rich national heritage of Colombia, which is an important element of everyday activities ...

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Magic Giving Tree

Together with The British School Warsaw - Parent Teacher Association, a beautiful, large-scale initiative was created, which we called Magic Giving Tree. The idea was to ensure the availability of computers and online learning accessories, diversify outdoor activities of children and develop their hobbies during the lock down caused by the pandemic. They went to 5 centers from all over Poland ...

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The British School Warsaw - Parent Teacher Association - supports the Pankracy Foundation <3

The British School Warsaw - Parent Teacher Association - has been supporting the pupils of the Pankracy Foundation since 2018. Thank you for being with us! Your selfless help changes the reality of our charges for the better.

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Sweet holiday gifts went to our pupils!

Thanks to the support of Lagardere Travel Retail, our pupils received a whole lot of sweet gifts! We donated the sweets to several friendly institutions: the "Słoneczny Dom" Care and Educational Center in Radom,

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If you belong to this group of people who are not indifferent to the fate of children from the so-called "Excluded" and you may have your desires and ideas for helping kids, you've come to the right address. Do you want to help reasonably? Do you want to support a child individually? Do you want your child to become sensitive to the fate of other children? We invite you to cooperation! You can help by making a donation to the statutory goals of our foundation, you can also take care of one child by financing his dream, extracurricular activities or therapy. We also organize local actions related to the organization of holidays, birthdays, holidays - we will be happy to cooperate with local companies. Please contact us!

You can help not only materially
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Application for support for institutions.

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